Amory-Ticknor House

Amory-Ticknor House

Boston, MA ~ 1804

Situated directly across from the golden dome of the Massachusetts State House, this historic Beacon Hill structure yielded thick and heavy eastern white pine interior sheathing boards.

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The Abbot Mill

Abbot Mill Andover

Andover, MA ~ 19th Century

First built out in 1807, Andover’s Abbot Mill site was originally a woolen mill operated by brothers Abel and Pasehel Abbot. Since then, the site and buildings have played host to a number of manufacturing and industrial uses.

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Baker Extract Company

One Extract Place Demolition

Springfield, MA ~ 1917

Now an open-air parking lot, 1 Extract Place was one of the only structures built on this Springfield dead-end street.

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17 Bond Street

17 Bond Street in Boston

Boston, MA ~ 1850

One of our smallest ever sources of reclaimed wood, this 2,184 square foot end-row brownstone sits between Hanson and Milford Street in Boston’s South End neighborhood.

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9 Milford Street

9 Milford Street in Boston

Boston, MA ~ c. 1870

Boasting over 4,100 square feet of floor space, this South End Boston residence was chock-full of reclaimed wood framing material.

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148 West Concord Street

148 West Concord in Boston

Boston, MA ~ 1899

Containing five floors of softwood joists, Boston’s 148 West Concord Street was a prolific and hyper-local source of reclaimed wood.

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45-47 Bacon Street

45-47 Bacon Street Demolition

Watertown, MA ~ 1925

Nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood above the slow-moving Charles River, this industrial building was demolished in the fall of 2014, yielding a small lot of tight-grained Heart Pine structural timbers.

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Graves Island Light Station

Graves Island Light Station

Boston Harbor, MA ~ 1903

Our reclaimed oak flooring was just installed at the most wildly inaccessible jobsite we’ve ever visited. It’s also one of the most beautiful.

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Atlas Terminal Warehouse

Atlas Terminal Warehouse in Providence Rhode Island

Providence, RI ~ 1913

Built in 1913 to serve the port of Providence, the Atlas Terminal warehouse was razed in 2013-2014, yielding top-notch reclaimed Heart Pine timbers and decking.

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Terminal Storage Warehouse

Terminal Storage Warehouse

Boston, MA ~ c. 1915

Located between residential Charlestown and Boston Harbor, 2013 renovations of the 111,720 square foot Terminal Storage Warehouse yielded thousands of feet of reclaimed old-growth Heart Pine decking.

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Jordan Marsh Stables

Jordan Marsh Stables on Harrison Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts.

Boston, MA ~ c. 1913

Built to stable the New England institution Jordan Marsh & Company’s horses, this ornate Harrison Avenue brick building was home to five stories of working industrial stables, complete with ramps, troughs, and horse showers.

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One Hanson Street

1 Hanson Street in the South End of Boston Massachusetts

South End, Boston, MA ~ 1893

A classic South End brownstone, One Hanson Street was a tremendous source of reclaimed wood floor joists.  The building, which rests at the end of a row of connecting wood frame and brick façade residences, abuts one of the Hanson Street alleys between Tremont and Bond streets.  Our best guess suggests the 4,410 square foot building was constructed sometime before 1893, along with other similar homes on the street.  Today, the four-story home is being gut-rehabbed into apartments.

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22 Murdock Street

22 Murdock Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge, MA ~ 1854

This modest Cambridge residence was built in 1854, the same year the world’s first oil well was drilled and the Boston Public Library opened.  Located on an alley-sized side street outside of Inman Square, the 1,000 square foot building is being gut-renovated to expand the size of the attic and include a small side addition.

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Texon Mill Building

carew manufacturing building in south hadley, massachusetts

South Hadley, MA ~ 1873

Home to the first navigable commercial canal and revolutionary inclined plane lift in the Northeast United States, the abandoned and slowly crumbling Texon mill building site was a notorious eyesore along the banks of the Connecticut river.

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Putnam Nail Company

Putnam Nail Company Dorchester Massachusetts

Boston, MA ~ 1899

The Putnam Nail Company building is a three-story, red brick structure sited in Port Norfolk, a small peninsula located between the Neponset River and Pine Neck Creek in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood.  Framed out with Heart Pine and covered with Michigan-made Cobbs & Mitchell “Electric” maple flooring, this structure was built to last – and last it has.

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W.B. Mason Headquarters

W.B. Mason Building Brockton Masscahusetts

Brockton, MA

Founded in 1898, W.B. Mason is the largest privately held office supply dealer in the United States.  Headquartered in the town of Brockton, Massachusetts, the company is in the process of sprucing up their flagship office building.

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Crocker Manufacturing

Crocker Manufacturing in Holyoke Massachusetts Demolition

Holyoke, MA ~ 1871

Sited between Holyoke’s third level canal and the Connecticut River, Crocker Manufacturing’s historic mill was a paper manufacturing behemoth capable of producing 50,000 pounds of paper in a single day.

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Mt. Tom Paper

Mount Tom Paper Company Mill

Holyoke, MA ~ 1878

At one point capable of producing 24,000 pounds of product each day, the Mt. Tom Paper Company’s mill churned out paper along the Connecticut River for decades, meeting its final demise at the hands of massive fire in 2013.

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Albion Paper

Albion Paper Mill in Holyoke, Massachusetts

Holyoke, MA ~ 1878

One of Holyoke’s once-numerous paper manufacturing plants, the Albion Paper mill was capable of producing 40,000 pounds of paper each day, at its peak employing hundreds of workers.

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Amoskeag Mill No. 12 Annex

a child laborer at the amoskeag manufacturing company in new hampshire manchester

Manchester, NH ~ 1891

Built in 1889, the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company’s Mill No. 11 was, at one point, the largest cotton manufacturing plant in the world.

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Quincy Masonic Temple

quincy massachusetts masonic temple building reclaimed heart pine

Quincy, MA ~ 1926

Designed by well-known Boston architects J. Williams Beal & Sons, construction of this Masonic temple was completed in 1926.

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Osterburg Barn

reclaimed salvaged antique repurposed wood from this osterburg pennsylvania barn

Osterburg, PA ~ 1855

This barn in Osterburg, Pennsylvania, yielded top-notch hand-hewn oak beams and beautiful white pine board stock.

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Troy Cold Storage

Troy Cold Storage Building

Troy, NY

Back before bovine growth hormones and factory chicken farms, dairy products were brought in from family farms and consolidated in places like the Troy Cold Storage building.

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Monson Dairy

Monson Dairy Barn

Monson, MA
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Cooper Cabin

Cooper Cabin Stripped

Lewisville, OH ~ 1803

The Cooper Cabin was built in Lewisville, Ohio during 1803, the year that Ohio was admitted into the union as a state.  It was a 20′ by 30′ white oak log cabin, two stories tall.

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