Monthly Archives: August 2014

Reclaimed Live Oak Table

Glueing Reclaimed Live Oak Tabletop

It takes an experienced craftsman to build with live oak lumber.  Famous for incredible density, a tendency to move under all conditions, and truly terrifying weight, live oak is a woodworker’s beast of burden.

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Jordan Marsh Stables

Jordan Marsh Stables on Harrison Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts.

Boston, MA ~ c. 1913

Built to stable the New England institution Jordan Marsh & Company’s horses, this ornate Harrison Avenue brick building was home to five stories of working industrial stables, complete with ramps, troughs, and horse showers.

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Cambridge’s 1818 Powder Magazine

Magazine Beach Powder House Roof Repair

After years of neglect, Cambridge’s historic Magazine Beach Powder Magazine is seeing a well-deserved makeover.  Thanks to the commitment of the renovation team, this iconic Charles River structure is using reclaimed Heart Pine to replace the rafter tails beneath the failing roof.

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