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Conway Barn

J&J Maggs Antiques Barn in Conway, Massachusetts

CONWAY, MA ~ 19th Century

The first-ever Massachusetts tornado to be recorded in February destroyed this 19th-century Conway barn. Although most of the barn’s structural timbers were destroyed, we were able to salvage the two-inch thick reclaimed American chestnut decking and structural floor joists. We’re sad that the barn was destroyed but we’re excited that some of its antique wood will be recycled.

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How Do I Clean My Reclaimed Wood Floor?

Reclaimed White Pine Flooring

Congratulations! You’re the lucky owner of a reclaimed wood floor. We’ll give you the good news first: Reclaimed hardwood floors will last for hundreds of years. The bad news: You’re probably the one who has to keep them clean. Luckily, maintaining a reclaimed wood floor is no different from cleaning a new wood floor. Knowing how to clean your wood floors can be broken down into two important steps: preventing initial wear and damage to your floor and cleaning the finish.

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Reclaimed Charred Wood Inspired by Shou Sugi Ban

Reclaimed Shou Sugi Ban Wood

Inspired by the colors and textures of the Japanese wood burning technique known as shou sugi ban, Longleaf Lumber is now customizing and selling charred reclaimed wood to our customers.

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