‘As-Is’ Salvaged Factory Maple Flooring ~ In Stock

This factory maple flooring is the definition of the phrase “diamond in the rough”. Right now it’s in its original state and sold ‘as is’. This means that the surface is dark and oiled, a consequence of time and years of hard work in an Industrial Revolution era building.
We’ve worked with this flooring to varying degrees in the past, and so can you. You may decide to use it just as it is, wire-brush it to reveal a bit more color and character, or even sand it down to discover the golden tone underneath.
The extent to which you alter these boards will determine the amount of underlying character you will see. Worm tracks, nail holes, checking, knots, and golden iridescent tones are all possible with reclaimed maple. Because this flooring was once a factory floor you may also reveal cart tracks, original dents, foot traffic markings, and mineral stains. Boards currently possess their original edge profiles and have not been denailed.
Dimensions for “As Is” Original Flooring:
Thickness: 3/4″
Width: ~ 3″
Lengths: 4′ – 12′
Quantity Available: ~ 300 square feet available for pickup or shipping.
Price: $1.00 per square foot.
Pricing shown is good through 9/30/23 and applies to this current inventory.

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