Baker Chocolate Factory
MILTON, MA ~ 1870
The recent sale of the Milton storage house for Baker's Chocolate, a building on the National Historic Register, resulted in a win-win for the site's new developer and Longleaf Lumber.

Baker's Chocolate BoxAltering the outside of an historic structure is not allowed once historic status has been bestowed upon a building, but interior demolition is allowed to make way for contemporary use. Such was the case at Baker's. Built in the 1870s, the wood joists in this building were of very high quality. The demolition contractor was careful to remove each timber so as to preserve its salvage value.

The resultant flooring we are manufacturing is a tight-grained quartersawn plank with excellent lengths.  It is truly a rare opportunity to be able to salvage prime timber without demolishing a piece of vanishing Americana.

All the material from this job has been sold.