Bakerville Mill

Bakerville, CT ~ 1859

The Old Mill of Bakerville, CT, built in 1859 by John Scott Baker, was a three-story building that replaced a tannery on the same site. The mill had hydro powered wooden wheels with metal shafts churning water that streamed from a reservoir above it. These wheels turned belts for machines on the first and second floors that took care of sawing, canning and other needs of the agrarian community surrounding it. The top floor was developed into a dance hall.

Bakerville Mill InteriorIt was a center of life for the community where town gatherings for reasons political, spiritual, and or pure entertainment continued into the present day. As a central cultural center, the conversion of the property to development was a significant loss and transition for Bakerville.

Bakerville MillLongleaf Lumber salvaged large and small chestnut handhewn beams, chestnut decking boards, white pine wallboards, and oak flooring. Local residents have sought out pieces for their own homes to help keep the memory of this special building alive.