Capo Restaurant in South Boston Reclaimed Heart Pine Bar

Capo is a brand-spanking new Italian restaurant in the traditionally Irish-American neighborhood of South Boston. Outfitted with handsome reclaimed wood decor, this sibling to neighborhood restaurants Loco and Lincoln is home to rustic Italian and Italian-American cuisine.

Capo Restaurant in South Boston Reclaimed Pine Booths and Brick ArchesThe 292-seat Capo space is composed of two adjoining great rooms with beautiful, massive bars. An impressive brick wall with high arches was discovered at the 443 West Broadway space during the build-out and is used to divide the restaurant into two spaces. The tiled front room contains reclaimed wood seating and café windows on folding doors that open for warm days. The back room houses the open kitchen, stone wood-burning fireplace, and additional tables.

Designer Erica Diskin of Assembly Design Studio integrated a variety of Longleaf Lumber’s products into the design, giving the space the feel of a venerable old establishment. The café tables at the front of the restaurant were made from reclaimed oak; The booths and banquettes – as well as the bar in the back of the space – were made from reclaimed white pine. The tables in the back room were assembled from Northern Hard Pine salvaged from a barn in Pennsylvania. The walls are covered with reclaimed wire-brushed hemlock paneling. The most inspired piece of the project is undoubtedly the massive reclaimed Heart Pine wooden bar in the back room. As a single 38-foot long section, it is the most impressive Longleaf has built to date.

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Capo Restaurant in South Boston Reclaimed Oak Cafe Tables

Reclaimed Oak Café Tables in Front Room

Capo Restaurant in South Boston Open Kitchen & Reclaimed Wood Tables

Open Kitchen with Reclaimed Hard Pine Tables in Back Room

Capo Restaurant in South Boston Fireplace & Reclaimed Wood Tables

Wood-Burning Stone Fireplace with Reclaimed Pine Tables and Reclaimed Hemlock Paneling


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