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The “Arts” section of the Longleaf Lumber blog features posts and articles related to DIY wood reclamation projects and also features talented artists making use of reclaimed lumber.

Apollinaire Theatre’s Outdoor Wooden Set

Salvaged Fir Beams In Outdoor Set For Apollinaire Theatre In Chelsea, MA

Longleaf Lumber again has the privilege of participating in a creative reclaimed wood endeavor with the Apollinaire Theatre Company. This time, the magic is happening in Chelsea’s PORT Park for the 2018 summer production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. At the park, massive reclaimed Douglas fir beams from the Hingham Shipyard have been incorporated into the Chelsea River’s iconic road salt storage piles, creating an imposing and unique theatrical set.

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Seattle Art Museum’s Italian Room

Seattle Art Museum Italian Room

In western Washington state, the cold, rainy season is in full swing. The three-hundred year-old reclaimed wood flooring in the Seattle Art Museum’s Italian Room, however, is warm, cozy, and radiant as ever.

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Longleaf’s Glamour Shoot

Longleaf Lumber Berwick Employees

On a recent hot and dusty June afternoon, Boston-based portrait and lifestyle photographer Samara Vise visited the Longleaf Lumber reclaimed lumber mill in Berwick, ME. Our mill team was prepared with their cleanest clothes and brightest smiles!

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DIY: Reclaimed Walnut Headboard

longleaf lumber employee broc makes reclaimed walnut headboard

Longleaf Lumber employee Broc Harzinski built this one-of-a-kind headboard using reclaimed walnut.

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