Texon Mill Building

South Hadley, MA ~ 1873 Home to the first navigable commercial canal and revolutionary inclined plane lift in the Northeast United States, the abandoned and slowly crumbling Texon mill building site was a notorious eyesore along the banks of the Connecticut river.

Putnam Nail Company

Boston, MA ~ 1899 The Putnam Nail Company building is a three-story, red brick structure sited in Port Norfolk, a small peninsula located between the Neponset River and Pine Neck Creek in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood.  Framed out with Heart Pine and covered with Michigan-made Cobbs & Mitchell “Electric” maple flooring, this structure was built to … Read More

W.B. Mason Headquarters

Brockton, MA Founded in 1898, W.B. Mason is the largest privately held office supply dealer in the United States.  Headquartered in the town of Brockton, Massachusetts, the company is in the process of sprucing up their flagship office building.

Crocker Manufacturing

HOLYOKE, MA ~ 1871  Sited between Holyoke’s third level canal and the Connecticut River, Crocker Manufacturing’s historic mill was a paper manufacturing behemoth capable of producing 50,000 pounds of paper in a single day.  A family-operated paper company for much of its manufacturing tenure, the Crocker Manufacturing Company was organized in 1871 by Daniel P. … Read More

Mt. Tom Paper

Holyoke, MA ~ 1878 At one point capable of producing 24,000 pounds of product each day, the Mt. Tom Paper Company’s mill churned out paper along the Connecticut River for decades, meeting its final demise at the hands of massive fire in 2013.

Amoskeag Mill No. 12 Annex

Manchester, NH ~ 1891  Built in 1889, the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company’s Mill No. 11 was, at one point, the largest cotton manufacturing plant in the world. The 1891 Mill No. 12 Annex, attached via second-story bridge to Mill No. 11, runs along I-293 in Manchester, New Hampshire.  The massive structure was impressively overbuilt with huge … Read More

Quincy Masonic Temple

Quincy, MA ~ 1926 Designed by well-known Boston architects J. Williams Beal & Sons, construction of this Masonic temple was completed in 1926.

Osterburg Barn

Osterburg, PA ~ 1855 This barn in Osterburg, Pennsylvania, yielded top-notch hand-hewn oak beams and beautiful white pine board stock.

Troy Cold Storage

TROY, NY  Back before bovine growth hormones and factory chicken farms, dairy products were brought in from family farms and consolidated in places like the Troy Cold Storage building.  Built in the early 1900s, this building abutted Troy’s legendary bell foundries, one of which remains directly adjacent to this site. Long a visual landmark from … Read More

Battery Wharf

Boston, MA ~ 1646 *  The North Battery of Boston Harbor was built by Major-General John Leverett in 1646 at the bottom of Copp’s Hill at Merry’s Point. We now know the location as Battery Wharf. This battery was built from timbers and filled with earth. A strategic point of defense, it covered both the … Read More