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Longleaf Lumber company news. Learn more about our company, our awards/accolades and read about the exciting things Longleaf is taking part in as a company.

Apollinaire Theatre’s Outdoor Wooden Set

Salvaged Fir Beams In Outdoor Set For Apollinaire Theatre In Chelsea, MA

Longleaf Lumber again has the privilege of participating in a creative reclaimed wood endeavor with the Apollinaire Theatre Company. This time, the magic is happening in Chelsea’s PORT Park for the 2018 summer production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. At the park, massive reclaimed Douglas fir beams from the Hingham Shipyard have been incorporated into the Chelsea River’s iconic road salt storage piles, creating an imposing and unique theatrical set.

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The New Neilson Library

Smith College Neilson Library in 2016. Photo courtesy Rebecca Siegel


The Smith College community is looking forward to the renovated and expanded Neilson Library, which is expected to be complete and open this fall semester. During the renovation process, Longleaf Lumber salvaged Heart Pine beams from the core of the historic 1909 library and will be sharing the history of this beloved structure through recycled and re-milled flooring, paneling, and other millwork.

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Reclaimed Wood Names: What do they mean?

Salvaged Wood at 109 Lyman Street, Holyoke, MA

Reclaimed wood comes in many shapes and sizes, and the nomenclature used to describe it can be downright confusing for first-time buyers. Often, lumber companies selling reclaimed wood use varied terms to describe their reclaimed or salvaged lumber as marketing strategies, to disguise low-quality product, as e-advertising tactics, or simply to be as accurate as possible. This blog post makes sense of many of these terms, helping you navigate the reclaimed wood market and buy what you actually want.

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Reclaimed Charred Wood Inspired by Shou Sugi Ban

Reclaimed Shou Sugi Ban Wood

Inspired by the colors and textures of the Japanese wood burning technique known as shou sugi ban, Longleaf Lumber is now customizing and selling charred reclaimed wood to our customers.

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Apollinaire Theatre Live Oak Bar

Removing Wood From Live Oak Beams For The Apollinaire Theatre Bartop

189 Winnisimmet Street once housed the Post Office and Odd Fellows Home in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Built in 1906, it was one of the few buildings in the area to survive the great Chelsea Fire of 1908, which burned 350 acres and left 15,000 people homeless. Today, 189 Winnisimmet is home to the Chelsea Theater Works and the Apollinaire Theatre Company, a year-round, award-winning professional theater. On the first floor of the building are the newly opened BlackBox and Children’s Theaters.

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The Top 15 Children’s Books About Trees

Children's Picture Books About Trees

Last year, we put together a list of our favorite books about reclaimed wood. Now, it’s time to share a few of our favorite titles for younger readers. These 15 books are all age-appropriate for young children and prominently feature trees. Let us know what titles we should add to the list!

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Walden Pond Benches

Salvaged Live Oak Bench At Walden Pond, Concord, MA

There’s a brand new visitor center at Walden Pond! The state reservation in Concord, Massachusetts began construction of this ambitious project in the spring of 2015, and a handful of the pond’s 700,000 annual visitors celebrated the grand re-opening this past September. The new building is universally accessible and includes exhibits, a bookstore, offices, meeting rooms, and public bathrooms. The newly landscaped grounds are home to massive wooden benches crafted from salvaged live oak shipbuilding timbers.

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An Unlikely Story

Reclaimed maple flooring at An Unlikely Story bookstore

Jeff Kinney runs a bookstore, coffee shop, and events space – all in the same award-winning and reclaimed wood-filled building. He is also author of the venerated Diary of a Wimpy Kid illustrated children’s book series. The entrepreneur’s Plainville, MA mixed-use project – which we are proud to have played a role in –  was a labor of love for his family from 2012-2015.

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Capo Restaurant South Boston

Capo Restaurant in South Boston Reclaimed Heart Pine Bar

Capo is a brand-spanking new Italian restaurant in the traditionally Irish-American neighborhood of South Boston. Outfitted with handsome reclaimed wood decor, this sibling to neighborhood restaurants Loco and Lincoln is home to rustic Italian and Italian-American cuisine.

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Longleaf Flooring Wins Design Award

Reclaimed maple flooring at An Unlikely Story bookstore

Longleaf Lumber’s reclaimed Factory Maple flooring has been awarded a 2016 Association of Retail Environments (ARE) prize for best retail flooring. This prestigious international award was presented to architect Bergmeyer Associates, Inc. at a March 22nd Las Vegas awards show.

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Choosing Reclaimed Wood Flooring

John Chooses Reclaimed Wood Stock for Countertops at Longleaf Lumber

One of the great things about domestic reclaimed wood is variety. As a reclaimed flooring mill, Longleaf has access to wood of the present and the past; from species that both thrive in the modern forest and are nearly extinct. A downside to this variety is the difficulty of choice. This guide helps our customers navigate the world of reclaimed wood and understand what key elements of different woods are necessary for their specific project.

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Renovating Y2Y Youth Shelter

Y2Y Shelter Cambridge Massachusetts

While undergraduates at Harvard, Sam Greenberg ’14 and Sarah Rosenkrantz ’14 became concerned with the lack of support for young homeless people in Cambridge, Massachusetts – and they did something about it.

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Finishing Our New Building

Longleaf Lumber, New Building, Berwick, Maine

The planets have finally aligned and our new Berwick warehouse will be in action shortly. Because winter is quickly approaching, we are working hard to get the warehouse and office building finished. The floor has just been poured, the doors and windows are in, and the frame is buttoned up.

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Christina’s World

Olson House Tim Mena Photographer


CUSHING, ME ~ Mid-18th Century

Immortalized on canvas by Andrew Wyeth, this Maine home is the final destination for equally historic wood Longleaf Lumber reclaimed and milled from a Beacon Hill, Boston home.

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Our Pine Cone Award

Longleaf Lumber MWPA Award

This past July, Longleaf Lumber joined the Maine Wood Products Association (MWPA) and Pride Manufacturing Co. in Waterville, Maine to accept the MWPA’s annual Pine Cone Award. We were treated to a fantastic celebration banquet and awards ceremony, with speeches and a tele-appearance by Senator King.

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Sliding Barn Door Hardware

Acorn barn door hardware
High-quality solid metal sliding barn door hardware by Massachusetts manufacturer Acorn is now available for sale at Longleaf Lumber.

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MWPA Pine Cone Award

Maine Made - America's Best

We’re proud to announce that the Maine Wood Products Association (MWPA) has awarded Longleaf Lumber’s Berwick, Maine reclaimed lumber mill the annual Pine Cone Award for innovation, growth, and success in the Maine wood products manufacturing industry.

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Longleaf’s Glamour Shoot

Longleaf Lumber Berwick Employees

On a recent hot and dusty June afternoon, Boston-based portrait and lifestyle photographer Samara Vise visited the Longleaf Lumber reclaimed lumber mill in Berwick, ME. Our mill team was prepared with their cleanest clothes and brightest smiles!

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Big Changes: NYC & Berwick

Longleaf Lumber Berwick Maine Construction

Big changes are underway at Longleaf Lumber. We’re expanding our Berwick, ME production facility, installing a solar array, and closing our NYC brick-and-mortar location.

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The 10 Best Reclaimed Wood Books

An Age of Barns by Eric Sloane

The reclaimed wood business is always turning over a new page. As new types of structures come of age and are eventually demolished, new species of wood and new types of building lumber enter the recycling stream. Good background research is, therefore, an important part of identifying possible larger and sustainable sources of reclaimed timber.

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2 East Bacon

2 East Bacon Rendering

Plainville’s 2 East Bacon isn’t your typical construction project – even by our standards. Situated on the corner of this sleepy Massachusetts’ town’s South and East Bacon streets, this development is an exercise in community building and sustainability.

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Snow & Our Berwick Mill

Snow in Longleaf Lumber Yard

An unusually snowy winter makes working outdoors at Longleaf’s Berwick, ME reclaimed lumber mill more or less fun, depending on your personality type.

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Graves Island Light Station

Graves Island Light Station

Boston Harbor, MA ~ 1903

Our reclaimed oak flooring was just installed at the most wildly inaccessible jobsite we’ve ever visited. It’s also one of the most beautiful.

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Cambridge’s 1818 Powder Magazine

Magazine Beach Powder House Roof Repair

After years of neglect, Cambridge’s historic Magazine Beach Powder Magazine is seeing a well-deserved makeover.  Thanks to the commitment of the renovation team, this iconic Charles River structure is using reclaimed Heart Pine to replace the rafter tails beneath the failing roof.

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The Robert E. Seydel Reading Room

Reclaimed White Wood Benches & Shelving Hampshire College

One of Longleaf Lumber’s most interesting projects this year has been milling the reclaimed wood shelving, benches, nosing, and countertops for Hampshire College’s newest library space: The Robert E. Seydel Reading Room.

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