Everett Mills Building in Lawrence, MA

Built in 1880 as a storehouse for nearby Pemberton Mills, partially from timbers salvaged from earlier buildings, this structure is total Americana. The larger Everett Mills building used for production was constructed in 1909, abutting the Pemberton storehouse, bringing the warehouse under the ownership of the connected Everett Mills.

Everett Mills Contents in Lawrence, MAFor over 100 years Irish, French-Canadian, and English immigrants toiled to stock this warehouse with textiles, shoes, hats, and history. Today, Lawrence's captains of industry are endeavoring to revive the town. The city's massive mills are being revitalized by a program called the "Gateway Initiative."

Reclaimed Beech FlooringThis redevelopment project requires a new road system, which will allow for new traffic patterns and increased parking for the huge mill structures. To allow for this progress, the warehouse had to be removed. The building was never heated, never altered, never heavily used. The wood we are salvaging is pristine. Hand planed white pine beams, heart pine beams, doweled spruce decking, cart worn beech flooring...incredible material.