Reclaimed Hickory Flooring


Hickory is a classic American wood, popularly associated with barbequed or smoked meats, golf clubs, and tool handles. Reclaimed antique hickory flooring channels this diversity in application through its rapidly-changing coloration and classic patterning. Hickory floor planks can range in color from light vanilla to dark chocolate – sometimes in a single board. Knots, occasional nail holes, light surface checking, and possible worm tracks provide this wood with inimitable ‘tough’ characteristics.
Recycled from beams and logs used in large agricultural buildings, reclaimed hickory flooring is unusually hard and dense. The high contrast of color and pattern commonly found in salvaged material represents a refined rusticity that balances industrial characteristics with dignified curvature and polished color transitions.
Longleaf typically mills hickory flooring in 2.5” – 8.5” widths and 2’ – 12’ lengths. Extra wide plank floorboards can be milled to order.
Download Here: Reclaimed Hickory Flooring Specifications Sheet

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