Boston Harbor Pier Pilings
Not every piece of reclaimed wood is a sixteen-foot beam.  Some pieces have all of their great history and character packed into a shorter length.  Whether they came to us that way or were cut from something larger, we think they make up for their diminutive size with monumental personality.
These smaller pieces beg to be put to good use. We have original maple factory flooring that could be re-laid as flooring once again or installed as paneling or the surface of a table. Mushroom wood and Pumpkin Pine short lengths are perfect for cabinetry. Surfaced beams can come in variety of lengths, with the shorter ones used for small mantels, shelves or raw material for woodworking and turning. We also have big solid pieces (such as salvaged columns, pilings and live oak beams) that are perfect as table bases or end tables.
Because we hate to send anything to the landfill, we work our way down to sizes as small as 1″ x 1″ x 4″ which we set aside and include with larger pieces in the packages we call our Big Box of Blocks.
Just one look will set your mind racing, thinking of ways to add one of these pieces to your creative portfolio.