Hard Maple Flooring

The only non-reclaimed flooring product carried by Longleaf Lumber is Maine Traditions Hard Maple flooring.  Responsibly harvested from the slow-growth forests of northern New England, this elegant and durable floor is always consistent in both color and grain.

Hard Maple flooring is available unfinished in First, Select, and Second grades, and prefinished with clear natural Nano-PLUS™ UV finish as Coastal or Premium grades.

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hard maple flooring maine traditions premium grade prefinished

hard maple flooring maine traditions coastal grade prefinished

Hard Maple Grading:

First Grade:

First Grade unfinished Hard Maple flooring is selected and manufactured to promote the true quality of this hardwood species.  This grade is comprised mainly of clear sapwood, with only slight variations in color, occasional solid pin knots (1/8 inch and smaller) with some subtle mineral streaks.  None of this grade’s knots or character marks affect edges or ends, and there are never bark streaks on this product.


Select Grade:

Select Grade Hard Maple may be slightly darker, warmer, and less uniform in color than our first grade, but with fewer, smaller character marks and blemishes than those found in our second grade.  Occasional mineral or sugar streaks and a few pin knots may be present.


Second Grade:

Second Grade Hard Maple is produced to promote character while maintaining quality.  This grade of Hard Maple flooring represents a high-quality hardwood flooring option to fit nearly all applications and budgets.  Preferred by many for its more varied color and grain, this grade features maple’s distinctive, intriguing character patterns, with developing heartwood and color variations throughout.  Slight sticker stain color variations, solid knots (not on edges), solid mineral streaks, and slight surface checks may be present.  As always, boards with rot, splits or deep checks are never included.


Photography and descriptions courtesy Kennebec Lumber Co.