Longleaf Lumber New Grinding System in Berwick MaineWe installed a new (recycled) grinding system at our Berwick, Maine mill this week, enabling us to recycle more of our waste than ever before.

With the addition of our new grinding system, we will be able to quickly and efficiently turn wood scrap waste into clean ground wood chips in any number of sizes.  We’re proud to add to the growing list of recycled mill byproducts we already create.

This week, our crane-driving friends installed the hopper-silo assembly, which we’ll use to efficiently load wood chips into trucks for transport.  The silo itself is reused from a previous application: it stored sawdust at our original Somerville, MA mill.  It’s been taking up space in the yard for all these years…now it is finally back in action.

We thought the crane and silo tower assembly were photo-worthy.  Here’s to a warm spring of wood chipping!

Longleaf Lumber New Grinding System in Berwick Maine