Charred Wood Shou Sugi Ban

Charred Reclaimed Wood Inspired By Shou Sugi Ban

Charred Reclaimed Wood Paneling

The Japanese wood burning technique known as shou sugi ban produces a beautiful and captivating surface on timber. Taking inspiration from this unique process, Longleaf Lumber is now working with customers to produce custom charred reclaimed wood paneling.

The process of shou sugi ban, which has been common practice in Japan since the 1700s, involves strategically burning the surface of a wooden plank to create a layer of sealing char which preserves the boards, making them more fire retardant, resistant to rot and insects, and maintenance-light. After the charred reclaimed wood boards are cooled, they are brushed dry, removing accumulated surface soot and pushing fine particles of char back into the grain. When the wood is dry, it can be installed ‘as-is’ or finished with oil or a sealer. Historically, shou sugi ban was meant for exterior cedar siding, but charred wood is now being used with on other species and for interior applications, such as ceiling and wall paneling.

Because we work with small batches of reclaimed wood, we can tailor our end result, producing a practical and beautiful product that is completely to client specifications.

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For a closer look at Shou Sugi Ban please visit our blog post by clicking on the image below left. A gallery for a recent installation can be seen by clicking the image below right.

Antique Reclaimed Hemlock Charred Wood  Charred Reclaimed Wood Paneling by Longleaf Lumber at Ledger Restaurant in Salem MA