Every project has its own personality. When yours calls for character and charisma, we've got choices for you!
In our world of reclaimed lumber, we mill material in all grades, often separating out the more colorful boards from the ones with a quieter temperament. Rusticity comes in many forms, including knots, nails holes, checking, stains, mortise pockets, and bolt holes. It can also come through in the way a salvaged board is milled. We can leave the original surface, skip-plane a board to show just a bit of grain, or mill the lumber to a rough-sawn level. There are lots of possibilities and ways to achieve the level of rusticity that will work for your project.
Come take a look (in person or browse our website) to see which kind of rustic calls to you.

#3 Rustic Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring salvaged antique knots and wide grain

Reclaimed Post & Beam Oak Paneling

Reclaimed Buggy Maple Paneling

Reclaimed Naily Fir Paneling