Reclaimed Douglas Fir V-Groove Paneling ~ In Stock

Antique Douglas fir beams salvaged from the Hingham Shipyard have been milled into unfinished paneling with widths predominantly 2-1/2″ to 4″ and a T&G V-groove profile. The character is primarily clear and vertical grain, with a few knots thrown in for good measure.
Shown at bottom left are examples of different ways that our Douglas fir can be stained or finished. This material in was milled with a simple square edge. From top to bottom: Waterlox Tung Oil, Natural Satin Water-Based Polyurethane, Grey Custom Mixed Stain, Black “Fireside Ebony” Stain, White “SnowFall White” Stain. The stains are Vermont Natural Coatings’ All In One Water-Based Stain and Finish.
Thickness: 3/4″
Widths: 2-1/2″ & 4″
Lengths: 2′-12′
Quantity Available: 394 square feet available for pickup or shipping.
281 sq.ft. of 2-1/2″
113 sq.ft. of 4″
Price: $7.95 per square foot
Pricing shown is good through 6/30/22 and applies to this current inventory.

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