Reclaimed Mixed Softwood Tops

Our unfinished reclaimed mixed-softwoods table tops or countertops include a variety of softwood species, such as white pine, hemlock, and spruce. They work well in residential and commercial spaces, and have become a favorite choice of customers with cafés, bars, and restaurants. The varied tone of the skip-planed surface compliments the nail holes, checks, and knots for a relaxed character.
Please Note: These tops are unfinished. Most pictures shown here, to provide a sense for possible end-results, are of tops that have been finished
Thickness: 6/4″
Widths x Lengths:
   1 Top 18″ x 48″
   1 Top 21-1/2″ x 26″
   1 Top 30″ x 30″
   1 Top 30″ x 48″
All tops are available for pickup or shipping from our Cambridge retail warehouse and showroom


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