Reclaimed Chestnut Gunstock Posts

We were excited to come across these rare examples of timber frame construction, discovered in a Massachusetts barn. Gunstock posts were used in the construction of circa 1700s houses and barns. Posts were tapered in this unusual shape, with the wider part of the beam placed at the top to accommodate more complex joinery with both wall and ceiling elements. All four beams have characteristic mortise pockets and bolt holes. Their dimensions are 8″ x 8″, with a flare out to 8″ x 11″ at the last 3 feet of beam.

The last three images show one of the beams sanded to reveal a beautiful brown tone.

Thickness: ~ 8″
Width: ~ 8″ with a flare to 11″
Lengths: One beam is 10′ 4″. Three beams are 12′ 6″.

Quantity Available: 4 posts available for pickup or shipping from our Cambridge retail warehouse and showroom.
Price: Please call for pricing.

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