Reclaimed Wood Treads

Longleaf Lumber mills and carries reclaimed wood stair tread inventory in finished thicknesses of 4/4″ and 3/4″ in most of the species that we salvage. Typically featuring a bullnose along one length, treads run 3’-5’ in length, and span 10-1/2″ or 11-1/2″.
In addition to the traditional tread profile, we generally have on hand a selection of slabs and square-edged “shelf stock” that could easily be fabricated into treads. Our current inventory of stair tread sets is listed below. We have a variety of single treads in stock as well. Please call to ask what we currently have in stock.
Custom Orders: At the mill in Maine, we also mill treads to exact customer specifications. A few examples are shown here. We would love to talk to you about your custom stair tread project.

Mixed Oak 3/4″ with bullnose (12)
White Oak 4/4″ with bullnose (2)
White Oak 4/4″ with bullnose and return (7)
White Pine 3/4″ with bullnose and return (9)
White Pine 4/4″ with square edge (6)
Price: Please call for pricing.

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