Looking for antique wood beams? We have them! Just get in touch, and we’ll set up a time when you can visit our mill in Berwick, Maine. We have an area set aside and organized with these specially priced beams so you can select the ones you want. Almost all of them are softwoods, in random sizes, with natural colors of grey and brown. Rectangular, round, hand-hewn, sawn ….

These beams have not been kiln dried and may have bugs. Should this concern you, you would need to treat them (we suggest a borate solution). These diamonds in the rough are being sold in ‘as is’ condition. First come, first choice.

Dimensions: Random

Quantity Available: Probably as many as you could want. Available now for pickup or shipping from our mill in Berwick, Maine after customer selection.

Price through August 10th: $10.00 per lineal foot
Price August 11th and later: $5.00 per lineal foot

Pricing shown applies to this current inventory.

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