Herringbone Flooring Special ~ In Stock

In the spirit of making the most out of every beam we usher through the milling process, we find a place for the pieces that don’t reach our usual cut-off length for flooring. Herringbone installation is a perfect application for these shorter lengths.
Right now we have three small lots in stock, all at 3/4″ thickness and 16″ length, with a tongue-and-groove profile.
Clear Vertical Grain Heart Pine
2-1/2″ Width:

Quantity Available: 71 square feet.
American Chestnut
3-1/4″ Width:

Quantity Available: 96 square feet.
White Oak
2-1/2″ Width:

Quantity Available: ~ 45 square feet.
All material listed here is available now for pickup or delivery from our Cambridge retail warehouse and showroom.
Price: Please call for pricing.

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