Reclaimed Pumpkin Pine ~ IN STOCK

Our reclaimed pumpkin pine, the heartwood of the Eastern white pine tree, shows less tone variation and is a little cleaner than our Rustic White Pine. Boards will still feature knots, nail holes, and other marks of time, which add to the depth of character. Milled with a square profile, this material would also work well for cabinetmakers.
One of the lots that we have available now has all of the usual character and warmth of our standard pumpkin pine, but lengths are at 4′ and under. Our low price reflects these shorter lengths. Please see below for details. Picture is at bottom.
Dimensions for Shorter-Length Boards: 
Thickness: 3/4″
Mixed Widths: 3″ & 4″
Lengths: 4′ and under
Quantity Available: 158 square feet available for pickup or shipping.
Price: $5.99 per square foot for mixed widths.
Pricing shown is good through 9/30/21 and applies to this current inventory.

Dimensions for Regular-Length Boards:
Thickness: 3/4″
Width: 3″
Lengths: 2′ to 12′
Quantity Available: 392 square feet available for pickup or shipping.
Price: Please call for pricing of regular-length material.


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