Wide Reclaimed Flatsawn Heart Pine

We’re setting aside wide flatsawn Heart Pine boards in our #2 grade for your next flooring project. These 4″ to 7″ floor boards range in character from our clear to select grade. They reveal small knots of up to 1.5″ in diameter, occasional nail holes, minimal light checking, and mineral staining. This mix contains our usual 90% or better heartwood content and is milled in tongue-and-groove style. The picture shown at left shows the grade of this lot. The material available will be wider in width.

Thickness: 3/4″ 
Mixed Widths Guided By Inventory: 4″ to 7″
Length: 2′-12′

Quantity Available: Unlimited. Material Ready For Milling

Sale Price: $10.50 per square foot.

Pricing shown is good through 10/30/20 and applies to this current inventory.

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