Redwood Slabs

We've recently replenished our inventory of salvaged live edge redwood slabs. Stop by and take a look in person and/or browse the selection of slabs shown here, which includes a particularly grand and interesting slab at the bottom of the page. Additional pieces are available. Please ask us for details.
Dimensions: Thickness: 2″ to 3″.  Widths: 11″ to 48″.  Lengths: 29" to 199″.
Quantity Available: 100+ slab tops. Available now for pickup or shipping from our showrooms in Cambridge, Mass or Berwick, Maine.

2″ to 2-3/4″ Thick Redwood Slabs:

3″ Thick Redwood Slabs:

Long 3″ Thick Redwood Slabs: 13′ or More:

The two slabs directly below (#1511 & #1512) are examples of our long redwood pieces currently available. We gave them a light sand to better show their grain. Detailed dimensions for these two slabs are above.  
Salvaged Redwood Slab
Salvaged Redwood Slab
The large slab shown at the bottom of this page is one of the largest pieces we've had in our inventory. Please let us know if you are interested in this slab or another with a similar grand size.  
Large salvaged redwood slab in Longleaf Lumber Cambridge warehouse
To see images of finished redwood slabs, please click here.