Our Monthly Woodworker’s Competition

end grain photograph of a reclaimed heart pine beam southern yellow pine longleaf

Woodworking fanatics can get carried away talking about wood – we know.  For some, the art of creation with wood products is both a hobby and an all-consuming passion.  If you’re anything like us, you might find yourself dreaming of curly Heart Pine during your morning commute, perusing facebook photos of your buddy’s new redwood table at ‘work’, or agonizing over the lost art of hand-hewing.

That’s why we’re announcing This Is the End Grain, an online monthly competition just for wood fanatics.  We’ll post an end grain photo on our facebook page, and then open the floodgates for guesses.  Of the correct guesses, we’ll randomly select a winner!

We’ll only be posting reclaimed woods, so keep in mind that some pictures will be of trees felled hundreds of years before the advent of social media.

Prizes will be announced monthly, and they’ll be reclaimed, wooden, and gorgeous.

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Limit one guess per person.  Guessing more than once is a disqualifier.  It’s also not very fun.

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