Reclaimed Hand-Hewn Beams, Logs & Timber For Sale

A long-practiced technique for manually transforming a timber into a squared, construction-ready beam, hand-hewing produces a distinctive and unique pattern on the face of a beam. No longer an efficient method for squaring logs, the craft has been discontinued by all but the most devout traditionalists, although the beauty and rusticity of the hand-hewn surface remains a highly desirable texture and aesthetic. Hewing marks are enhanced by the weathered characters of these beams, many of which are over 200 years old.
Longleaf salvages prime quality hand-hewn timbers from American barns, warehouses, and homes, ensuring they remain intact and undamaged throughout the demolition process. The adze and axe marks that remain on the surface channel the energy and spirit of honest manual labor and quality craftsmanship into any space in which the beams are left exposed. Hand-hewn beams are particularly popular in homes, bars, and restaurants with rustic stylings, as well as in commercial and institutional settings.
Longleaf maintains an ever-changing retail-ready inventory of hand-hewn beams at our Cambridge retail warehouse and showroom, and ships retail or wholesale hand-hewn beams locally, nationally, and abroad.
Please call for more information on current Longleaf Lumber hand-hewn inventories and pricing. 617.871.6611. Longleaf Lumber ships and inventories for sale reclaimed hand-hewn barn beams of all dimensions, species, and patinas from our Cambridge retail warehouse and showroom or our mill in Berwick, Maine.

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