#1 Vertical Grain Heart Pine Flooring

Generally considered the most desirable of all reclaimed Heart Pine floors, clear vertical grain (quartersawn) Heart Pine was a longtime flooring of choice throughout the United States. Sadly, the old growth Longleaf Pine forests that produce these intensely clear and richly colored boards have been harvested out of existence.
These reclaimed boards have very few, if any, pin knots (under 1/2″) or small nail holes, and no checking. This 100% antique heartwood flooring boasts legendary old growth density, with a growth ring concentration of eight to the inch and greater. We always mill and grade our #1 Vertical Grain (quartersawn) flooring with truth and honesty, there is no flat grain. #1 Vertical Grain (quartersawn) flooring is available in traditional tongue-and-groove style, with widths ranging from 2.5″ to 5″.


Longleaf Lumber offers expertly-milled reclaimed Heart Pine flooring for sale in the Boston area, the United States, and internationally. Please call for pricing and lead times. 617.871.6611

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