This Saturday, April 27th: Our One-Day April Sale!

  A One-Day Sale & Extra Hours This Saturday!   Spring has sprung, and we’re celebrating with a One-Day April Sale this weekend in conjunction with additional hours at our Cambridge showroom and retail warehouse.   We’ll have several things discounted by 15%, including dimensional wall stock, mantel pieces, chestnut panels, and church organ pipes. … Read More

Lucky Strike

RICHMOND, VA ~ 1908   In 1871, R. A. Patterson in Richmond, Virginia, introduced a brand of chewing tobacco called Lucky Strike. Thirty five years later, that same name would transition to the cigarette that can still be purchased today. R.A. Patterson was acquired by American Tobacco Company which commissioned a new warehouse in 1908 … Read More

Deal of the (18th) Century – Roughsawn Live Oak

Seventeen years ago, Longleaf procured a large number of salvaged Live Oak ship frame timbers which were buried in a quay at the Charlestown Navy Yard. Believed to have been replacement pieces for the Constitution class frigates built in the late 1790s*, but never used, the timbers were basically landfill until discovered during a construction … Read More

The History of Reclaimed Wood

Longleaf Lumber has been reclaiming lumber for over 25 years, but the history of re-using materials extends back to the early eras of human kind. Archeologists have discovered recycled tools dating back hundreds of thousands of years and re-used architectural material from the Neolithic period, when humans began to settle in permanent villages.   Just … Read More

The Final Finish – Finishing Your Reclaimed Wood Floor

The practice of applying a substance to wood’s surface for the purpose of protection and aesthetic enhancement has been in existence for thousands of years. Today’s home or business owner has before them many of the same kinds of finishes used over the centuries as well as newer options. The process of choosing the best … Read More

Original Basketball Court Flooring

This maple flooring is a slam dunk. Having traveled from two different basketball courts, we think it would be fun to see it rebound as flooring in a new space. Laid up as paneling for a wall or ceiling application would also score points. The line markings and original tongue-and-groove profile were kept when the … Read More

Good Things Come in Short Packages

Not every piece of reclaimed wood is a sixteen-foot beam.  Some pieces have all of their great history and character packed into a shorter length.  Whether they came to us that way or were cut from something larger, we think they make up for their diminutive size with monumental personality.   These smaller pieces beg to be … Read More

Rustic & Reclaimed

Every project has its own personality. When yours calls for character and charisma, we’ve got choices for you!   In our world of reclaimed lumber, we mill material in all grades, often separating out the more colorful boards from the ones with a quieter temperament. Rusticity comes in many forms, including knots, nails holes, checking, … Read More

Robertson Paper Company

BELLOWS FALLS, VT ~ 1892  The problem was a 52-foot drop in the river at Great Falls where the Connecticut River bends around the town of Bellows Falls, Vermont. The solution was an adjacent canal through the center of town that would allow boats to bypass the falls and navigate the river. Subsequent mill buildings … Read More

Choosing Reclaimed Wood Flooring

One of the great things about domestic reclaimed wood is variety. As a reclaimed flooring mill, Longleaf has access to wood of the present and the past; from species that both thrive in the modern forest and are nearly extinct. A downside to this variety is the difficulty of choice. This guide helps our customers navigate the … Read More