Reclaimed Resawn Beams

Not all great American trees survived the Industrial Revolution. American chestnut and old growth longleaf pine, for example, simply do not exist in the modern American forest. The long-lost beauty and strength of these woods only become available as beams are salvaged and recycled from historic sources. Longleaf Lumber resaws massive reclaimed wooden timbers sourced from industrial and agricultural demolition sites, providing home and business owners with unsurpassable clean-cut beams.
Resawn reclaimed wood beams are often repurposed as architectural details, drawing long, bold lines through commercial and residential spaces. Colors range: Heart Pine often exudes a sweet honey-yellow, red oak a pale flushing red, and American chestnut a light to dark earthy brown.
Boxed beams are a great way to add a lighter-weight visual accent to a ceiling or to hide plumbing and wiring. We mill surfaced reclaimed lumber that can be installed on site with mitered edges. The last image here is just one example, installed with expert craftsmanship.
Please call to discuss project pricing, availability, and custom specifications. 617-871-6611. Our resawn beams are available in any species we reclaim and are custom-milled to your specifications by our sawyers in Berwick, Maine.

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