“Emerald” Ash Flooring

The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive insect species native to Asia, first identified in the United States in 2002 in Michigan. Since then it has been responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of otherwise healthy ash trees across the country. The Emerald Ash Borer lays eggs in crevices of the bark on ash trees. After they have hatched, the larvae eat through the bark into the sapwood below where they feed and develop. Their presence effectively chokes the tree by preventing nutrients from flowing through the sapwood. Once infested with EAB a mature ash tree can die within 3-4 years.
Thanks to robust conservation efforts, there are now treatment options with high success rates for infected trees. A link to the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources here provides a general review of the history of EAB as well as current efforts. The final management of trees that were lost to EAB is where we enter the picture, milling salvaged new growth trees that would otherwise become wood waste.
Ash has long been a sought after wood species for its hardness, durability, stability, and elasticity. It is often used for furniture, cabinetry, sports equipment and veneers. White ash in particular has a similar density to white oak and accepts stains evenly, making for superb flooring material. With a neutral brown color that ranges from almost white to light brown and a distinct grain pattern, it is a great choice for a variety of interior aesthetics.
While Emerald Ash Borer has proven to be a highly destructive force and threatens billions of ash trees in North America, their presence in the wood leaves behind an almost artistic speckling of holes that add character to an already beautiful wood grain pattern.
Thickness: 3/4″ 
Widths: 3-1/4″ to 9″
Length: 3′-12′
Quantity Available & Pricing: Please call for details concerning our current inventory and pricing.
Images at the top of the page are from a home in Brookline. We’re grateful to the following players for their parts in this project and for letting us take pictures:
Realtor: The Chuck Silverston Team
Architect: Philip Kramer Architect
Interiors: Lisa Wasserman Sivan

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