Reclaimed Rough Cut Lumber & Timber

Special projects require unique materials and personalized attention, oversight, and devotion to quality.  Our commitment to providing rough sawn lumber custom-milled to your specifications is ironclad.
Having worked for nearly two decades with finish carpenters, cabinetmakers, contractors, architects, and homeowners, we are well-versed in the passion and emotional investment building teams bring with them to custom projects.  Our fidelity to rough sawn production reflects the inherent idiosyncrasies of the ‘custom job’.
Longleaf sawyers will produce reclaimed rough sawn/rough cut lumber of any species in your custom rough sawn dimensions at our sawmill in Berwick, Maine.  Call for an inventory of antique rough sawn material or to discuss project specifications for your rough cut timber project.
Please call for pricing and lead times. 617.871.6611

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