Reclaimed Wood for Restaurants & Cafés

Longleaf Lumber is proud to partner with the region’s finest chefs and restaurateurs as they work to push the boundaries of their crafts and improve the quality of their restaurant and café dining spaces. It’s our business to understand the distinct character of each individual establishment and work with proprietors to enhance and improve elements of their space with reclaimed woods.
Having worked with hundreds of restaurants and cafés in Boston, New York City, Washington, D.C., and beyond, we’ve come to understand how salvaged timber can be best used to enhance a dining or serving space. Warm hues of reclaimed Heart Pine create feelings of intimacy and comfort, hard contrasting lines of hickory suggest action and excitement, and the rich depth of walnut communicates romance and mystery. In short, the versatility in application of reclaimed woods in the restaurant business is infinite.
Longleaf Lumber custom mills bar and countertops, dining tables, flooring, paneling, and more with restaurants and their customers in mind. We also hand-craft charcuterie/serving boards, menu covers, tap handles, and other wooden restaurant products for special projects.
Please call for pricing and lead times. 617.871.6611

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