Custom Reclaimed Wood Desk Tops & Kitchen Countertops

Longleaf sells custom reclaimed wood desk tops and countertops of any species in widths up to 30″, and customizes welded steel table bases.
Counters, tables, and desks are places of comfort and familiarity, where friends and family gather, work is done, personal items are stored, and meals are shared. For these reasons, lumber used to assemble kitchen counters, coffee tables, and dining room tables has traditionally been of premium quality. Longleaf Lumber carries on tradition by milling select reclaimed Heart Pine, American chestnut, red oak, white oak, and other species into counter and desk tops.
Unmatched in ring density, grain pattern, and specificity of grading, our reclaimed desk tops and countertops are extremely popular in both residential and restaurant/bar applications.
All reclaimed desk and countertops are custom milled and assembled to order specifications by Longleaf millworkers in Berwick, Maine. Pricing is dependent upon grading, dimensions, and species.
Longleaf Lumber does not make complete tables or desks, but we mill reclaimed lumber for woodworkers who wish to create their own, and we fabricate tops for customers to add to their own bases.
Longleaf Lumber also customizes welded steel table bases in 1″, 1.5″, and 2″ angle or tube steel.
Please call for pricing and lead times. 617.871.6611

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