Reclaimed Skip-Planed Wood Paneling

For architects, designers and homeowners who are looking for an alternative to the usual forms of ceiling and wall covering, reclaimed wood paneling can be the perfect choice. It has a unique appearance and is a durable and environmentally responsible way to cover an accent wall, high-traffic hallway or entryway. Skip-planed wood paneling has been used in a wide range of interior spaces, including private homes and commercial spaces suc as offices, restaurants, and cafés.

Longleaf Lumber mills its skip-planed lumber with a tongue-and-groove profile in 3/4″ and 1/2″ thickness for dimensional durability and simple installation. We are happy to milled to client specifications specialty items including custom profiles, such as single bead, triple bead, v-groove, and micro-bevel, or wider paneling planks.

Skip-planed paneling is our option for a reclaimed wood paneling that is rustic and refined. The milling process selectively removes the original surface, exposing the grain beneath in some places and preserving it in others. This planing technique is sometimes called ‘hit and miss’ or ‘dirty top’ planing. This type of planing is different from bright-planed and wire-brushed reclaimed wood paneling, which each offer a different reclaimed wood surface type.

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