Reclaimed & Salvaged Wood Paneling

Reclaimed Skip-Planed Oak Paneling in Private Brooklyn ResidenceReclaimed wood paneling is becoming a more frequent choice of designers and builders when deciding upon the material that will clad their ceilings and walls. Salvaged wood paneling is not only environmentally responsible, but also a material with great durability and aesthetic interest. The reclaimed wood wall can be a visual statement unto itself or a design element that blends perfectly with its environment.

Reclaimed wood for walls and ceilings is popular in both residential and commercial spaces, including restaurants, cafés, and offices.

For any wood species that we salvage, Longleaf Lumber can mill 1/2″ and 3/4″ paneling. Reclaimed Heart Pine paneling is milled in our six Heart Pine grades, and any species is available as paneling with skip-planed texture. Salvaged paneling can be milled with a tongue-and-groove or ship-lap profile for simple installation and dimensional durability. Extra wide panels and custom profiles, such as single or triple-bead, are milled to client specifications.

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