Reclaimed Wood Board & Beam

The character of our inventory ranges from the wonderfully and naturally distressed wood that is full-of-character to the formal, clean and straight grained. Each lot that makes its way to our mill in Berwick, Maine is unique, captivating and full of history. Once there, we kiln dry the material and can custom mill it to our customer’s exact specifications. Our Boards & Beams include many wood species, including Heart Pine, which we carefully milled in six different grades. In addition, we can supply American chestnut, red and white oak, hickory, Pumpkin Pine, maple, walnut, ash, and a host of other species as they surface throughout the year.

Longleaf Lumber has been providing antique reclaimed and salvaged wood to customers throughout New England, and around the country, since 1997. We mill antique wood reclaimed from historic buildings, such a barns and industrial revolution-era mill buildings. In addition to wood flooring in a number of grades and species, we also custom mill beams and mantles, provide barn siding, and mill paneling for wall and ceiling projects.

If you’re in the Boston area, we welcome your visit to our Cambridge, Massachusetts showroom and retail warehouse. We invite designers, architects, contractors and home & business owners to browse among the many possibilities, talk to a salesperson about their project and pick up samples. All are welcome!

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