Reclaimed Live Oak

(Quercus virginiana)

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Salvaged from holding ponds in Boston’s historic Charlestown Navy Yard, our southern live oak (Quercus virginiana) timbers are available as-is, cut into board stock, or as custom-milled material.  Harvested from the southern United States as shipbuilding components for the U.S.S. Constitution and other frigates, these highly figured and curved reclaimed timbers are nearly 500 years old.
Weighing in at approximately 70 pounds per cubic foot, southern live oak is one of the world’s densest woods – hard and tough enough to earn the U.S.S. Constitution the nickname “Old Ironsides”.  We have approximately 15 beams at our mill in Berwick, many with highly figured grain and all with unique curves.  Customers have repurposed live oak timbers into indoor and outdoor benches, museum exhibits, seating pedestals, shelving stock, and tabletops.
Beams, live oak pedestals and custom live oak milling jobs are priced individually. Board stock pricing is determined by quantity and dimensions desired. Please call for pricing and to discuss specifications.

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