Reclaimed Wood, Cork, and Other Wood Flooring

Longleaf Lumber is New England’s antique flooring company, milling fine hardwood and softwood 3/4″ flooring from historic buildings. Our flooring ranges from clean and formal to rustic and full of character, in many species in both tongue-and-groove and straight-edge profiles. We mill all our reclaimed wood flooring in Berwick, Maine. Our specialty is reclaimed Heart Pine flooring, which we carefully mill in six different grades. In addition to Heart Pine, Longleaf Lumber saws reclaimed American chestnut, red and white oak, hickory, white pine, maple, walnut, ash, and other species. Reclaimed flooring is a beautiful, environmentally-conscious alternative to flooring sawn from the planet's dwindling forests.

Visit us in the Boston area at our Cambridge, Massachusetts showroom and retail warehouse. We welcome home and business owners, contractors, architects, and designers to see and feel many species of reclaimed flooring. At our showroom, you can browse and pick up samples, inspect finished products, and chat with a salesperson.  

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