Natural Cork Wall Paneling

WE Cork Bark Style Natural Cork Paneling
“Bark” Natural
WE Cork Brick Style Black Cork Paneling
“Bricks” Black
WE Cork Brick Style Natural Cork Paneling
“Bricks” Natural

“Bark” Style Details:

Dimensions: 36-5/8” x 24-13/16” x 1/4”
Carton Size: 25 sheets per box
Color: Natural

“Bricks” Style Details:

Dimensions: 36-5/8” x 24-13/16” x 9/16”
Carton Size: 11 sheets per box
Color: Black & Natural

Introducing WE Cork’s unique cork wall covering comes in two styles: Bark and Bricks. This cork wall covering is made from the eco-friendly cork oak located in the Mediterranean. The bark is harvested every nine years and regrows over the 200+ year life of the tree. These cork panels are a stunning decor choice that offer health benefits, sustainability, and a simple way to transform any room to a cozy retreat or a warm sanctuary.

Cork is naturally anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, and resists and repels mold and mildew. Its cellular nature keeps allergens to a minimum. Cork is also thermally insulating and sound absorbing. If you have a budding musician in the family or need to reduce noise in any gathering space, restaurant, or bar, then cork wall covering may be for you.

Please call for pricing and custom specifications. 617-871-6611. Longleaf Lumber offers WE Cork paneling for sale in the Boston area, the United States, and internationally.