Reclaimed Wood Mantels

A fire is an important communal place, where family, friends, and guests gather for warmth and comfort. Fittingly, a fine mantelpiece grabs the eye, holds attention, and speaks volumes of a home’s character and history.
Longleaf salvages reclaimed timbers and logs from barns, industrial mill buildings, and other interesting sources, preserving the most beautiful pieces for use as mantels.  We look for clean hand-hewn beams, unblemished live edges, hand-planed dimensional timber, and anything else with personality, character, and a special history.
Additionally, Longleaf custom-mills roughsawn and resawn mantels of any species, and we’re happy to customize live edge or hand-hewn pieces to fit your fireplace. We will gladly mill one, two or three sides of an original surface beam to provide a flat back, bottom and/or top surface for your mantel.
Please call for more information on current Longleaf Lumber mantel inventories. 617.871.6611. Longleaf sells reclaimed original edge fireplace mantels from our Cambridge showroom and warehouse. Surface variations include hand-hewn, original sawn and live edge.

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