Reclaimed Chestnut Flooring (American)

(Castanea dentata)

Chestnut is prized for its rustic character, memorable visual depth, and profound rarity. Available exclusively as reclaimed and recycled wood, chestnut’s color ranges from dark chocolate to latte. Wormwood and nail holes are often present, and wider boards may be expertly mended with butterfly and dutchman patches. Occasional checking and knots add varying degrees of character to these boards.
Before becoming a blighted and severely endangered species in the early twentieth century, American chestnut trees filled nearly one-quarter of the great Eastern forest and stood as a renewable pillar of agrarian and urban industrial economies. After the blight, dead standing American chestnut trees were felled everywhere, producing now-popular ‘wormy chestnut’ boards. In post-blight America, a traditional chestnut floor or woodworking element represents a respect for regional history and a commitment to exploring beauty in a uniquely American treasure.
Longleaf mills 3/4” tongue-and-groove chestnut flooring in 2.5”-8.5” widths and wider, with special order. Extra wide plank floorboards can be milled to order.


Longleaf Lumber offers expertly-milled reclaimed American chestnut flooring for sale in the Boston area, the United States, and internationally. Please call for pricing and lead times. 617.871.6611

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