Salvaged Redwood Slabs, Bases & Specials (Sequoia sempervirens)

Overharvested in the 19th and 20th centuries, California redwoods are now an endangered treasure. We’ve been lucky enough to salvage these antique redwood bases, slabs, and burls from the leftovers of past logging operations. Likely thousands of years old, each unfinished redwood slab has been hand-selected for superlative grain, live edge character, and workability. We offer these Northern California salvaged redwood stump pieces for restaurant, office, and home applications.

These old-growth salvaged redwood slabs and bases are available for sale at our Berwick, Maine mill and Cambridge, Massachusetts retail warehouse and showroom. Please contact us for more information regarding general dimensions, photographs, pricing, and shipping. All of our redwood is guaranteed salvaged from Northern California – none of our bases, stump pieces, or slabs are cut from fresh-felled trees.

For more information, pricing, and lead times please call us at 617.871.6611 or email us at info – at –  

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