Skip-Planed Mixed Hardwoods Paneling

Our skip-planed mixed hardwoods paneling includes beech, maple, elm, hickory, poplar, and other hardwoods. As we planed these antique boards, we allowed some of the original patina to remain, including rustic features such as saw marks and original distress.
Longleaf mills 3/4” and 1/2″ tongue-and-groove skip-planed paneling in a mix of hardwoods in 2.5”-8.5” widths and wider, with special order. Extra wide plank and custom profile (triple-bead, micro-bevel, v-groove, etc.) paneling can be milled to order.
Please call for pricing, availability, and custom specifications. 617-871-6611. Longleaf Lumber offers expertly-milled reclaimed Skip-Planed Mixed Hardwoods Paneling for sale in the Boston area, the United States, and internationally.

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