Original Beaded and Painted Heart Pine Paneling

This captivating painted paneling was milled years ago with a simple, single bead. Edges are the original square profile that’s been slightly rounded with time. Thousands of feet are available in a single width with nice lengths. We wire-brushed these boards to clean them up a bit. Most of the paint remains on the surface, but there are places where it has been worn down to the wood. The feel is light with a hint of history, a view into the years when men and women worked in the rooms that were clad with this paneling.
Not to be overlooked are the back sides of these boards which present a stunning flatsawn grain and well preserved bright surface. Either side could be installed to face a new space with compelling effect.

Thickness: 5/8″
Single Width: 5-1/2″
Random Lengths: 2′-12′

Quantity Available4,000+ square feet available for pickup or shipping.
Price: Please call for pricing.

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