Reclaimed Bright Mixed Hardwoods Flooring

Our Bright Mixed Hardwoods reclaimed wood flooring is a mix of hardwoods that includes oak, maple, ash, hickory, beech, elm, birch and bass. Milled with a bright finish, this blend of species provides mixed character and a range of colors in the boards. Milled to 3/4″ thickness with a tongue-and-groove profile. Flooring is available as a mix of species or as any specific species in the blend.
Dimensions for Single Width 2-1/2″ Lot:
Thickness: 3/4″
Single Width: 2-1/2″ in several species
Length: 2′ – 12′
Quantity Available: 1,515 square feet available for pickup or shipping.
Single 2-1/2″ Width Price: $7.00 per square foot 

Dimensions for Mixed Widths 2-1/2″ to 4″ Lot:
Thickness: 3/4″
Mixed Widths: 2-1/2″, 3-1/4″ & 4″ 
Length: 2′ – 12′
Quantity Available: 392 square feet available for pickup or shipping.
Mixed Width Price: $8.50 per square foot
Pricing shown is good through 10/30/20 and applies to this current inventory.

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