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Amory-Ticknor House

Amory-Ticknor House

Boston, MA ~ 1804

Situated directly across from the golden dome of the Massachusetts State House, this historic Beacon Hill structure yielded thick and heavy eastern white pine interior sheathing boards.

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Martin’s Redwood

Martin Conserva Salvaged Redwood Slab Table

Local furniture maker Martin Conserva took this salvaged redwood slab table to the next level with glass beads, epoxy, and accompanying custom chairs.

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The Abbot Mill

Abbot Mill Andover

Andover, MA ~ 19th Century

First built out in 1807, Andover’s Abbot Mill site was originally a woolen mill operated by brothers Abel and Pasehel Abbot. Since then, the site and buildings have played host to a number of manufacturing and industrial uses.

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Baker Extract Company

One Extract Place Demolition

Springfield, MA ~ 1917

Now an open-air parking lot, 1 Extract Place was one of the only structures built on this Springfield dead-end street.

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17 Bond Street

17 Bond Street in Boston

Boston, MA ~ 1850

One of our smallest ever sources of reclaimed wood, this 2,184 square foot end-row brownstone sits between Hanson and Milford Street in Boston’s South End neighborhood.

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9 Milford Street

9 Milford Street in Boston

Boston, MA ~ c. 1870

Boasting over 4,100 square feet of floor space, this South End Boston residence was chock-full of reclaimed wood framing material.

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